• Industrial Control
    Industrial Control

    With the continuous development of science and technology, industrial automation and control technologies continues to change the way of producing and manufacturing. It improves the production efficiency, and also ensures the quality and durability of the products. The whole system realizes the computer workstation control, can carry out the real-time PLC data acquisition on site. It can also achieve the electronic flow control, including the control over device temperature, humidity, as well as the master control equipment etc. Rich self-diagnosis and alarm function, humanized user interface, all makes the operation more convenient and easier. The large-screen LCD display on the host computer can real-time show the temperature, operating conditions, more convenient and intuitive. QYT's industrial PC includes industrial tablet PC, industrial machine, and embedded machine, as well as integrated hardware system solutions.

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  • Intelligent Terminal
    Intelligent Terminal

    Interactive Kiosk Machines In The Age Of Connected IoT And Edge Computing In an age where edge computing proves to drive better insights and decisions, kiosk machines help transform shopping experiences and make them more convenient for end-users. Kiosk Machines today provide end-users an interactive experience by helping them find products, custom-tailored services and important information like wayfinding. These self-service kiosk machines are jampacked with the latest IoT technologies that provide high-speed interoperability, intelligence from analytics, and wireless connectivity in most remote deployments. In order to provide seamless user-experiences, kiosk machine manufactures incorporate immersive software and the latest technologies in compute, touchscreens, smart sensors and cameras. Kiosk Machines are highly responsive and are powered by embedded computers that provide 24/7 reliability in kiosk machine environments。

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  •  Food/Medical Treatment
    Food/Medical Treatment

    Powerful processing and connectivity for Industry 4.0 modernization. Intelligent engineering to simplify intense cleanings. The food and beverage industries are heavily regulated for health and sanitation compliance.The stainless steel WPC Series Washdown Touchscreen Computer provides data clarity, responsive interaction and enterprise scalability to cleanrooms and aseptic settings. Slim and IP69K-rated, the WPC Series easily integrate into exceptionally hygienic environments.

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  • Intelligent Transportation
    Intelligent Transportation

    Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is the development direction of future traffic systems. It is an effective integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology. ITS is applied to the whole traffic management system. It is a wide range, all-round, real-time, accurate, efficient integrated transportation management system.

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  • Other

    ATM, refers to the bank in different locations set up a small machine, the use of a credit card size of the tape on the tape records the customer's basic account information (usually a bank card), so that customers can be made through the machine Payment, transfer, and other bank counter services, although most customers refer to this self-service machine as a cash dispenser. ATM machine security equipment mainly refers to the ATM protective cover, ATM protection kiosks, ATM protection cabin and other ATM machine peripheral configuration. ATM machine according to the installation location can be divided into outdoor ATM machine, ATM machine and ATM internal ATM three. According to the ATM machine to use, indoor ATM machine has a lobby and two kinds of wear through the wall. According to safety performance requirements, outdoor ATM machine has semi-enclosed and fully enclosed ATM protection kiosks, fully enclosed by the appearance of shape can be divided into square and round, square known as outdoor ATM protection kiosks, round known as ATM protection cabin. As a high-end ATM protection products independent self-help Kinting gradually in the market attention. Yin Ting independent operation of the characteristics also allows it to enter the district, schools, squares and other densely populated places, to people's production and life has brought a lot of convenience

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