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Industrial maintenance machine should pay attention to what aspects of daily maintenance?

As we all know, IPC is to adapt to harsh environments and health, its power supply, chassis, motherboards are designed to adapt to long-term uninterrupted operation. In order to have a longer life, in the course of the use of good stability has been maintained, regular maintenance is necessary, the specific needs of what steps? Xiaobian to tell you.
1, fully understand your IPC performance and operating system
2, to understand the key components and the overall working principle
3, understand the operating system used
Specific need to do the following:
One, the chassis
Industrial power supply: to minimize the entry of dust to prevent excessive moisture.
Passive backplane: for a variety of boards to provide power, its daily maintenance should pay attention to three points: can not be charged in the case of the board card, plug the board when the force can not be too much, with alcohol and other cleaning floor, Be careful to prevent the tool from scratching the floor. The slot can not accumulate dust, or easy to contact bad and short circuit. Slot metal feet aligned without bending, so as not to appear boot does not show, the board can not find, crash and other phenomena.
Second, the IPC motherboard
Designed for high and low temperature in a special environment for a long time to run the design, it should be used in the note is: can not be charged plug, to avoid causing damage to the jack; motherboard jumper can not jump, otherwise it will be due to different models The motherboard voltage settings are different and cause damage; the dust on the motherboard should be regular cleaning, can not use alcohol or water, the application of dry brush or vacuum cleaner to suck or blow away the dust; keep the motherboard memory slot clean.
Third, hard drive, CD-ROM, floppy drive
Hard drive: do not arbitrarily disassemble the hard disk, to avoid vibration, squeeze; to avoid frequent shutdown, to avoid damage to the hard disk track data loss; do not touch the hard drive on the jumper device; handling must use anti-static plastic bag or sponge Pressure material is fixed, often check the virus to prevent intrusion; in the operating system has a reasonable use of energy-saving features to extend the hard disk life.
CD-ROM: in the use of not open the drive door, to prevent dust into the drive, the drive in the course of not vibration, distortion, beat. Data lines to be connected to smooth, to ensure smooth drive to read the disk.
Floppy drive: can not bad disk, toxic disk into the floppy drive, do not use poor quality and moldy floppy disk, to prevent scratch head. When the floppy drive is reading and writing to the disk (floppy drive light), do not force the disk out to prevent damage to the head or head offset, resulting in normal reading and writing.
Four, all kinds of boards (graphics cards, sound cards, network cards, etc.)
Mainly dust, straight can not bend, and can not be charged dial.

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