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These unobtrusive technology, unknowingly promote the development of things

The development of science and technology to promote the continuous progress of human society, people's lives have a significant impact, but also unknowingly affect the evolution of things, which is what we are around it?

Scrutiny of large data
From the beginning of your birth, your database began to build. Eat, go to school, go to the hospital, take the train, and even eat a meal, which constitute your database inside the big data, but also fully reflects your needs and habits. Increasingly, companies use the large data collected from their customers to better understand customer needs and optimize their products to better serve their customers. This is where the value of these data is.

Virtual Reality
 Virtual reality is a kind of computer simulation system which can create and experience virtual world. It uses computer to generate a simulation environment and form a multi-source information fusion interactive 3D dynamic scene, so that users immersed in the environment. With the emergence of VR consumer products and the "out of stock" news, virtual reality as the most concerned about the new smart areas swept the world quickly, the global VR head market is expected to reach $ 2.8 billion in 2020, which for the game The use of the VR header device occupies the majority share.

artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence is a new technology science for research and development for the simulation, extension and expansion of human intelligence. The research in this field includes robotics, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and expert systems. Artificial intelligence since its inception, the theory and technology is increasingly mature, is a need to explore and develop the market, this market has a variety of possibilities.

Wear smart devices
"Wearable smart devices" is the application of wear technology for daily wear intelligent design, can develop a general term for wearing equipment, such as glasses, gloves, watches, clothing and shoes. With the development of technology and the development of mobile Internet, technological progress and the introduction of high-performance low-power processing chip, some of the wearing equipment has been from conceptualization to commercialization, new wear-style equipment continue to spread, they are integrated into the Internet, Appearance and material to improve, you can constantly extract the user information stored in the cloud and the user's consumer choice to provide the basis, but also began to be customized.

Video consumption
Video consumption is growing faster than anyone else expected, and the online has become the main channel for people to watch video, from video clips on social media to video services and packages to video sites and even to live video , Consumers seem to be at any time in any platform to see want to see the video content, in fact, it was predicted to 2019, 80 percent of Internet traffic consumption will come from the video watch.

UAV is not a new product, can be divided into military and civilian. Military, unmanned aerial vehicles are divided into reconnaissance aircraft and drone. Civil aspects, the current in the aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, self-timer, express transportation, disaster relief, observation of wild animals, surveillance of infectious diseases, mapping, news reports, electricity inspection, disaster relief, film and television shooting, manufacturing romance and so on The expansion of the UAV itself, the developed countries are also actively expanding the industry application and development of UAV technology.

Mobile payment
The global mobile payment market is more complex. At present, the traditional way of payment in many mature markets have a strong foundation, can not easily shake. On the contrary, some African markets and Asian developing countries market directly into the mobile payment era, such as China, from the electricity to the store, a mobile phone will be able to get all the payment, farewell no cash does not go out of the times.

smart car
 With the increasingly sophisticated Internet of things technology, smart cars will emerge as the times require. Intelligent vehicle is a comprehensive system integrating environment perception, planning decision making, multi-level auxiliary driving and so on. It is a high-tech enterprise which integrates computer, modern sensing, information fusion, communication, artificial intelligence and automatic control. Technical complex. In recent years, intelligent vehicles have become the world's vehicle engineering research hot spots and the automotive industry growth of new impetus, many developed countries will be included in their respective focus on the development of intelligent transportation system. The following are the same as the "

Smart home
Smart home is reflected in the Internet under the influence of the association. Intelligent home through the Internet of things to connect the various devices at home to provide home appliances control, lighting control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, burglar alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control, infrared forwarding and programmable timing control Kind of function and means. Compared with ordinary home, smart home not only has the traditional residential functions, both building, network communications, information appliances, equipment automation, provide a full range of information exchange functions, and even save money for a variety of energy costs. Intelligent home technology to user needs as the guide, to enhance people's quality of life, to provide users with a high degree of participation and effective user experience.

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