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Where is China's intelligent manufacturing? "Thirteen Five" plan to give you the answer

On the morning of December 7, 2016, at the World Smart Manufacturing Cooperation and Development Summit, the Ministry of Industry and Information Co., Ltd. officially released the "China Smart Manufacturing" thirteen five "plan" to determine the intelligent transformation of China's manufacturing industry in the next five years of development tasks. "Planning" stressed that the development of intelligent manufacturing as a long-term strategic task to adhere to the implementation of intelligent manufacturing projects as the focus, efforts to enhance the key equipment and control capabilities and enhance the basic support capacity, by 2020, the traditional manufacturing industry smart transformation made clear Progress, to 2025, intelligent manufacturing support system is basically established, focusing on the initial realization of intelligent transformation of industry. For Apache this smart special equipment service providers, this is undoubtedly a huge good news.

"China's intelligent manufacturing" thirteen five "plan" made ten key tasks

First, to speed up the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, to overcome key technology and equipment, improve quality and reliability, and promote the integration of applications in key areas;

Second, to strengthen key common technical innovation, breaking a number of key common technology, layout and accumulation of a number of core intellectual property rights;

Third, the construction of intelligent manufacturing standard system, to carry out standard research and experimental verification, to speed up the standard system revision and application;

Fourth, build the basis of industrial Internet, research and development of new industrial network equipment and systems, information security hardware and software products, build a test verification platform, establish and improve risk assessment, inspection and information sharing mechanism;

5, to increase the pilot to promote intelligent manufacturing efforts to carry out a new model of intelligent manufacturing demonstration, the selection of smart manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, and constantly sum up experience and model, in the relevant industry transplantation, promotion;

Sixth, to promote the key areas of intelligent transformation, in the "China made 2025" ten key areas of pilot building digital workshop / intelligent factory, in the traditional manufacturing industry to promote the use of digital technology, system integration technology, intelligent manufacturing equipment;

Seven, to promote the intelligent transformation of small and medium enterprises to guide small and medium enterprises to promote automation, construction of cloud manufacturing platform and service platform;

Eight, cultivate intelligent manufacturing ecological system, speed up the cultivation of a number of system solutions provider, vigorously develop the leading enterprise groups, do a strong and stronger group of "special fine special" supporting enterprises;

9, to promote regional intelligent manufacturing collaborative development, promote intelligent manufacturing equipment industry cluster construction, strengthen the Internet-based inter-regional intelligent manufacturing resource sharing and collaboration;

10, to create intelligent manufacturing personnel, improve the personnel training mechanism to strengthen the intelligent manufacturing personnel training, building intelligent manufacturing training base, build a multi-level talent team.

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