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QYT upgraded the multi-function integrated panel PC the 8th Gen PPC-series

Time:2022-06-02 14:37:59
QYT upgraded the multi-function integrated panel PC the 8th Gen PPC-series

In order to better meet the demand of automatic machine and IoT applications, QYT upgraded the new generation of Panel PC PPC-8th GEN series.

The new generation Panel PC is compact design basically from the previous generation. PPC-8th Gen series supports windowsLinuxubuntu systems and supports multiple sizes from 10 inch to 24 inch. QYT can customize resistive touchscreen or PCAP touchscreen type for different industrial applications. Compared with the last generation processor, the performance of Intel 8th Core i3/i5/i7 increased 50%, memory can be extended to DDR4 64GB. PPC-8th Gen series interface is designed with 3xUSB3.0,1xUSB2.0,2xRS-232/422/485(6 COM  expansion). The PC supports high-speed M.2 NVMe (M-key), M.2 (B-key) SATA and mSATA SSD to facilitate high-speed data processing and storage. It is with a M.2 (B-key) interface for integrating 5G modules, and m.2 slots for 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. Full HD-LCD touchscreen front panel at IP66 waterproof level, water and dust resistance.

Furthermore, PPC-8th Gen series supports wide range power supply DC9V~36V with over-current, over-voltage and anti-reserve protection. It supports panel mount and VESA mounting for various of industrial environments. In order to assist factory management, PPC series can combine a variety of software which support data visualization, equipment monitoring and remote control. It supports Machine Vision Software for intelligent inspection, make IoT operations more convenient.

Rugged and durable design, high-performance computing

PPC series is equipped with Intel 8th Core i3/i5/i7 processor, combines Intel Turbo Boost technology and multitasking to achieve higher performance. The memory capacity can be extended to DDR4 64GB, fast and efficient storage. The grounding separate from chassis can avoid damage from electrical accident or power  fluctuation. Furthermore, PPC series supports a wide range temperature operation -20~70°C/-22~176°Fto keep PCs working stably in harsh environments. The IP66 waterproof front panel can realize dust, oil and water resistance.

Optimized Design

PPC series supports 5G wireless expansion. The PC is with a M.2 (B-key) interface for integrating 5G modules, and m.2 slots for 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

In addition, built-in TPM2.0 module can protect system and data. TPM standards ensure secure data storage, as well as platform authentication and integrity auditing. TPM 2.0’s three hierarchies permit multiple root keys for improved security over TPM 1.2 standards. This provides better resistance to malware and rogue applications affecting legitimate processes.

TPM2.0 Features

● Safeguards data with a secure hardware-integrated algorithm

● Protects against hackers, malware and physical theft

● Resists brute force decryption attack

● Generates quality random numbers

● Provides support for encryption in the platform

● Establishes platform identities

● Store keys and data

● Signs and verifies digital signatures

● Audits key usage and data access

Main Features:

1.  High-strength aluminum-alloy bezel, front IP66 compliant

2.  Sizes available:10.4’’,12’’,15’’,17’’,19’’  (square screen)10.1’’,12.1’’,13.3’’,15.6’’,17.3’’,21.5’’,24’’  (widescreen) 10-point PCAP touchscreen/5-wires resistive touchscreen

3.  Support Intel 8th Gen Core i3/i5/i7 processor, fanless design

4.  Latest DDR4 memory, up to 64GB capacity, optional 3G/4G/5G/LTE and Wi-Fi/BT extension

5.  2xIntel Gigabit Ethernet ports,2xRS-232/422/485(6 COM expansion), 8KV ESD & 600W TVS protection

6.  TPM2.0 ensures hardware security

7. Wide range power supply DC9V~36V,over-current,over-voltage and anti-reserve protection

8.  Supports Panel mount/VESA mount,easy installation