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Industrial panel pc applies in CNC machine tools

Industrial panel pc applies in CNC machine tools

Project introduction:

The CNC machine tools consist of input/output device, digital controller, PLC, servomechanism, detection device and host of machine tool. The operation of the cnc machine tools will be easier when they are integrated with QYT’s embedded industrial computers. Workers just need to place orders manually via man-machine interface. Then the control system deals with the orders, forms all kinds of control information and sends to the servomechanism. As a result, machine tool can operate under control.

System requirement:


The reliability of the CNC machine tools plays a significant role in measuring product quality,  because bad reliability will cause inestimable loss on work stoppage and maintenance expense.


The development of the control technology is a important condition for the intelligent CNC machine tools to come true. It significantly reduces the management work of the machine tool, and also achieves greater efficacy and stable processing precision. The programming and operation for the modern CNC machine tools is simpler. According to the change of the manufacturing objects, it can achieve the best working condition by just simple adjusting of the working parameters. Meantime, it also can perform autodiagnosis to itself and outside device, and achieve failure warning, which is convenient for the maintenance of the system.

Simple operation

The skill of the CNC machine tools operator is uneven. A simple and efficient operation interface will help operators to control machines easily, then directly improve the working efficiency and operation comfort. Because the operation of good HMI is easy and efficient, and also has the guidance function, it makes the users to feel good and enhance their interest, thus improve the using efficiency. Currently, most CNC machine tools adopt industrial computers that with input/output and control function to decrease errors caused by operators.


For the application of the industrial panel pc in CNC machine tools, it’s advantages are as below: the requirement of fault free should be above 99%, then the MTBF of CNC machine must be more than 5000 to 8000 hours. The calculation of MTBF is supposed to consider the failure rate of each component, and meets the demand of operation without human.

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