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Industrial tablet pc applies in marine electrical equipment

Industrial tablet pc applies in marine electrical equipment

Project introduction:

Ship automation is an important part of ship science and technology, its system and equipment develops so fast, and quickly upgrade. Ship automation technology quickly develops towards digitization, intelligentization, modularization, cyberization and integration, which is the trend for the developing of future international ship automation technology.

The applications is as below:
(1) ship navigation and driving automation technology
(2) cabin automation systems and equipment technology
(3) ship and shore information integration system technology
(4) liquid cargo handling automation system technology
System requirements:
The main features of the system is with perfect navigation, automatic ship handling, automatic collision avoidance, rich graphical interface, communication and navigation management control automation and other functions. These features leads to the advanced automation of the ship navigation, and the improving of the safety, economy and effective of navigation. The system also has the characteristics of advanced automation, high reliability, simple maintenance and other features, as well as the good software compatibility and meeting the ship's 24V power supply. Equipment is mainly for connecting with the various PLC devices in the ship through lots of serial ports and LAN ports. Through collection and analysis, it displays on the terminal, and plays a partial control role. The PLC on the ship to the console is long-distance transmission, so need the RS485 communication. It also adapts to the harsh conditions on the ship, moistureproof, waterproof, visual range, as well as good hardware stability and reliability. Meanwhile, it also meets the requirement of standard rack mounting and embedded mounting on board.


The industrial tablet pc has put into good operation in the marine electrical equipment. It’s advantages are: wide working temperature, panel IP65 waterproof, moistureproof; adopting industrial high-temperature 5-wire resistive touch screen, to ensure the life of the screen; using Intel Atom processors, low power consumption to meet the energy-saving requirement of the ship; RS485 / RS232 being adjustable satisfies the requirement of serial communication.

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