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Application of Stainless Steel Industrial Panel PC in Medical Automation

Application of Stainless Steel Industrial Panel PC in Medical Automation

     With the continuous expansion of production scale and the competition among pharmaceutical enterprises, manual operation and control are far from meeting the requirements of modern production. In the pharmaceutical industry, drug cost, drug quality and drug renewal are key factors in the competition of pharmaceutical market. Pharmaceutical manufacturers focus on production efficiency and quality, automation technology is undoubtedly an important way to improve production efficiency and reduce drug costs. Pharmaceutical automation can not only help enterprises achieve lean production and improve manufacturing efficiency, but also reduce the error rate of workers and reduce production cost. Additionally, the deep integration of pharmaceutical manufacturing and automation is of great significance for the improvement of quality and efficiency of the pharmaceutical industry.

Project Introduction

     Medical rubber bottle stoppers must be strictly disinfected or sterilized before packaging and sealing pharmaceuticals. Moist heat sterilization is the most commonly used for washing machine. For the medical rubber stoppers washing machine, the temperature control system is the focus of the equipment design. For the latest industrial control, PLC is often used as the on-site control equipment for data acquisition&processing, logic judgment, and output control. The upper computer make use of industrial touch panel pc and configuration software to complete the display of industrial control status, processes and parameters, and realize functions such as monitoring, management, analysis, and storage.

Equipment requirements

· The communication between the upper computer and the lower PLC is required, so to realize temperature monitoring and automatic control.

· Human-machine interactive operation interface is required, to operate the relevant technological process.

· The real-time monitoring of the scene relies on the configuration software's process picture, monitoring picture, real-time adjustment curve, historical curve, alarm picture, and historical alarm information.

QYT solution

     The pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements for equipment and processes in terms of sterilization, purification, sterilization, and cleaning. There is an urgent need for real-time monitoring and analysis of ingredients and quality, online monitoring, and anti-counterfeiting identification technologies. It results in enterprises increasing requirements for automation of pharmaceutical equipment and overall solutions. Based on the customer's requirements for the size of the electrical control box, the PPC series stainless steel industrial touch panel PC PPC-3156WCC was finally selected as the upper computer of the device, adopting the Windows 10 IOT operating system and installing a set of distributed industrial configuration software. All the necessary interface and functions can be realized through secondary development. The integrated RS485 serial port of PPC-3156WCC communicates with PLC. The PLC completes the acquisition and control of the lower computer. The integrated 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports are connected to the server for networking. The control room can also monitor and query on-site equipment in real time.

Product Features:

1. SUS304 Stainless Steel Front Panel, IP66/IP69K waterproof

2. 15.6" TFT LED, resolution 1920*1080, 10 points capacitive touch

3. Intel Bay trail j1900 CPU:2.0GHz, fanless waterproof pc

4. 2*RS232/422/485 Serial Ports, realizing reliable communication with the lower computer PLC.

5. Built-in TPM2.0 for Hardware-based Security

6. DC 9~36V wide voltage, overcurrent, overvoltage & reverse connection protection

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