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Touch computer applies in the POS System

Touch computer applies in the POS System

Project introduction:
POS system is the point of sale system. It refers to the system that use the automatic reading device(such as the cash registers) to directly read the merchandise sales information (such as trade name, unit price, sales volume, sales time, sales shops, customers, etc). Through the communication network and computer system, it also sends the data to relevant departments for analysis and processing to improve operational efficiency.   
POS system was firstly used in the retail business, and then gradually extended to other service industry, such as finance and hotels. The use of POS system also ranges from internal enterprise to the whole supply chain.

System requirement: 
(1) bill query function: The query range can be all the transactions within a certain period, it also can be the transaction at some point.
(2) report query: According to the sales data of the cash register, we make a simple report, and print the report in the printer of the cash register. The report includes the statement, cabinet group reconciliation table.
(3)Foreground inventory: Inventory is mainly for checking the quantity of goods in stock. The essence of the foreground inventory is to input the inventory goods information into the cash register, or logo in the information by bar code scanner, like you deal with the goods for selling. It will be the data source for the background.
(4) work status checking function: It refers to the checking of the condition for relevant cash register and cashiers. Including: general status, transaction status, networking status, peripheral status.

We integrate the barcode automatic identification technology, POS systems and EDI, then establish a paperless information transferring system among the supply chains (from the production line to the payment counter). It ensures the products to flow from the supplier to the end customers without interruption. Meanwhile, the information flow can circulate in an open supply chain. The system not only satisfies the customers’ demand for merchandise and information(supply the best quality products and timely and accurate information),but also fulfil the producers and distributors’ requirement for learning the consumers’ purchasing habits and other market information. Through the cash register itself RS232 / RS422 / RS485 interface, multi-user can connect with the cash registers, then accomplish the data transmission among the cash registers, and also the data transmission between the cash registers and the host computer.

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