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Industrial Computer applies in Ticket Vending Machine

Industrial Computer applies in Ticket Vending Machine

Project introduction:
TVM(Ticket Vending Machine) is widely used in tourist attractions, stations, wharf, exhibition halls and so on. It combines the computer technology, information technology, automatic control technology and other modern high-tech together. TVM overcomes the shortcomings of slow speed, financial loopholes, high error rate, high labor intensity and so on, which is the inherent weakness for artificial handling model. It also provides timely traffic and financial statements for each period (accurate to minute), so as to offer technical support for scientific management. TVM system is a high-tech modern management information system, based on the integration of computer network technology, modern communications technology, database technology and automatic control technology. TVM is a computer integrated management system, with the computer as the core, network-supported, using the automatic channel gates as the terminal.

System requirement: 
The AFC system is mainly composed of central computer system, station computer system, AFC field equipment, tickets and other auxiliary equipment and related interfaces. It is controlled by computer, realizes the whole process of online booking,ticket check-in, billing, charging, counting, clearing and administration.Then the AFC achieves automatic booking, automatic checking in, automatic recharge and automatic query and other functions.

The industrial computer is based on Intel Atom processor technology, low power consumption,fanless design. It meets the automatic ticket system’s heat radiation requirement for equipment terminal,and also ensures the system to maintain 24 hourscontinuous operation in harsh environments.

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