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Industrial computer applies in ATM

Industrial computer applies in ATM

Project introduction:

With the further development of computer technology, software development capabilities and network security technology, broadband is expanding and Internet is everywhere. Financial business shows up in electronic and network tendency. The popularity of ATM terminal system will provide users with 24-hour uninterrupted service.

System requirement:

ATM system needs to continuously operate in harsh condition like high temperature and humidity with high standard of heat dissipation and good reliability. It should have fast response to adverse situation and being able to deal with accounts accurately. Good expansion capacity is acquired to connect with all kinds of surveillance systems, maintaining system running. Additionally, compatibility plays an important role of system to support various operating systems, achieving the combination of system’s software and hardware.


The industrial computer is based on Intel Atom processor technology, low power consumption, fanless design. It meets ATM’s heat radiation requirement for equipment terminal, and also ensures the system to maintain 24 hourscontinuous operation in harsh environments. Advanced CPU technology makes the system to possess excellent processing capacity, so as to adapt to the bank ATM terminal system’s normal operation under heavy load. Integrated with CF card slot, Gigabit Ethernet port, 8* USB, 10* COM port, it provides broad space for the system’s expansion, upgrading. The industrial computer can easily connect with a variety of peripheral monitoring system. It’s good for monitoring the live transaction,so as to prevent illegal actions before the ATM machine. Meanwhile, it improves the compatibility of the system, and effectively reduce the cost of the system. In addition, it can also support the network broadband connection, can real-time upload network data, so as to more timely and effectively count and manage the ATM terminal equipment, greatly improve the efficiency of the bank center.

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